an overview of guitar studies at the MCM

The MCM guitar program, led by Head of Guitar Dr Ken Murray, offers comprehensive courses for the study of the guitar. At the MCM, guitarists focus on solo performance and ensemble playing in a unique program devoted to the repertoire, styles and history of the instrument. Additional teachers include leading Australian musicians Doug de Vries (contemporary guitar) and Dan McKay (classical guitar).

Classical guitar studies are a core element of the MCM guitar program and areas of specialization include Spanish, South American and Australian music. Leading guitarists from around Australia and overseas are regular guests in MCM guitar classes. The program also nurtures different modes of performing by encouraging multi-disciplinary exploration of performance.

The MCM has a unique contemporary guitar program where students learn a range of current guitar styles and repertoires.  The emphasis is on the mastery of pieces from a wide range of styles and building up a repertoire of contemporary guitar music. There are pathways between classical and contemporary guitar for all students through subjects such as minor practical study, chamber music and guitar ensemble.

Post-graduate study in the performance and historical contexts of the guitar is offered with a number of experts on staff for supervision. An international conference Instrument of Change was launched in 2016 and featured some of the world’s foremost guitar scholars.

The MCM hosts an annual concerts series Guitar Perspectives which showcasing the breadth and diversity of the instrument in the twenty-first century.

The MCM program is designed for students interested in the rich traditions of the guitar and the multitude of styles that have helped define it as the world’s most popular instrument.